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Oooo, La La, Mama’s Got A New Toy!

Throughout the last few months, our vacuum has been slowly losing suction and making a loud noise similar to a jet engine taking off every time we use it. We’ve been casually looking into replacement options since Christmas time, but didn’t make the decision to purchase until this week. I had really hoped our old vacuum would last a few more months, but alas, it became obvious very quickly that our carpets just weren’t getting clean enough. πŸ™ With that in mind, I drove to Lowe’s….

Boy, am I glad I did! When I got the sweeper home and put together I immediately started vacuuming – OMG! I knew the suction on our old machine was lower than normal AND I’d been told that Shark Vacuums have superior cleaning ability, but the results were thrilling and disgusting all at the same time.
After sweeping an area that measures 4 feet by 16 feet the canister was over half full! I was horrified! How could our old sweeper have been missing that much?Β 
We have two dogs and a toddler, so I know there is more dirt in our house than average, but these results were just mind boggling. I didn’t go into this purchase planning on doing a review, and I’m not receiving any compensation for doing it, but I’m so in love with this vacuum I want to share my love for our new Shark with YOU, my lovely readers. πŸ™‚
Shark Navigator Lift-Away Pro (Available on Amazon)
After 24 hours of using the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Pro I can say I’m thrilled. Not only did it get over one full canister of dirt out of my already “clean” carpet, but its also very convenient and well priced. At the $200 price mark, I know I made a great investment in our home. Its perfect for homes with pets and comes with a wide variety of cleaning tools (I haven’t even figured them all out yet!)
I love how versatile it is – it quickly changes shape and use without extra hassle, but my favorite feature right now is how well it cleans my kitchen and bathroom floors too! The Dust Away Floor Attachment is like a dry swiffer & vacuum in one. No more sweeping or dust pans for this mama, I’m all in with the washable pads included with the vacuum. No maintanace costs – everything is washable which means I don’t need to spend $20 on new filters all the time like I used to either. Our house is sold – once you go shark, you never go back! πŸ™‚
Are there any Shark lovers out there? I’d love to hear your fave features so I can try them out too! Leave your comments below. πŸ™‚

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