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Themed Meal Planning: Meal Planning Made Easy

Do you meal plan to help your family save money? We’ve been following a two week meal plan ever since we started our Total Money Makeover journey going on 18 months ago, but this Spring I’ve been inspired by Blissful and Domestic to try a themed meal plan.

What Is A Themed Meal Plan?

A themed meal plan is one where you give each day of the week a topic or theme. In the picture above, Blissful and Domestic has fish night on Monday for example. That means that every week she needs to have one fish meal on her shopping list and menu. In our family Monday is Meatless Monday – we make meals without meat at least one day each week to help cut our food costs.

How Do I Create A Themed Meal Plan?

Make a list of your family’s favorite meals – do you notice any patterns? In our house we found that most of our meals could fit in the following categories: Pasta, Meatless Meals, Chicken, Pork/Beef, All American, Leftovers and for good measure – Fend For Yourself Night. That gives us 7 themes to fill each week. Not only does this help me offer variety to my family, but it also lets me quickly fill in my meal plan without spending a great deal of time flipping through recipes.

Wait, Isn’t A Themed Meal Plan Kind Of Limiting?

Not at all! This isn’t a law after all – you can make changes any time you want. Why not add a Chef’s Choice night to your week, or maybe two. That way you could be more inventive on those nights but keep things simple for the rest of the week. In our house its my husband that is very inventive in the kitchen – so we usually plan our ‘tricky’ meals for his free evenings.

Will you join me trying out Themed Meal Planning? 

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I’d love to hear from you. Share your ideas and experiences in the comments below. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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