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Summer’s Cooking

Mmmm…. it’s grilling season! What better way to start the season off than with delicious grilled veggies. We enjoyed a our veggies along with brown rice and fresh, juicy watermelon. (Easton loved it – check out the picture below!) We love to grill all summer long, not just because it tastes great and sets the mood to ‘summer time’ but also because it helps keep the house cooler.
Unfortunately, I’m not the best griller in the world. In fact, I’m kind of terrible, and in serious need of practice. 🙁 It sure is a good thing my husband and son are good sports, and willing to eat my practice meals. But this summer I have a plan.
Plan: Operation Become A Good Griller
I’m inspired by so many wonderful women that share their favorite recipes online. Here’s the list of yummy recipes I hope to try out this summer. Will you join me?
I’d love to hear from you. What are your favorite grilling recipes? What EASY grilling ideas should I add to my list? Please leave your comments below.
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