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Budget Idea: Free Wood Chips for Landscaping

When we moved into our new house in the fall of 2012, we knew that meant the next few years would be full of landscaping projects because when we moved in our yard was literally dirt. Since we’re working our Total Money Makeover, we don’t have extra cash sitting around to complete those projects. Instead we’ve used our 2012 & 2013 Federal & State tax refunds to complete a few projects. (Disclaimer: I know this isn’t being 100% gazelle intense with our debt snowball, but we all have our slip ups.) Fortunately for us, we’ve found a few fantastic FREE landscaping options.
Last year we received a huge amount of free sod for our backyard. It saved us a ton of money and I must admit that’s the best looking part of our back yard. I’m crossing fingers we’ll get more free scraps this year to fill in some other bare spots in our backyard, but for now I’m moving on to another freebie…. mulch!
This past winter was one of the worst Michigan has experienced in a very long time. On top of major snow and extremely cold temperatures we also experienced a massive ice and wind storm at Christmas time that left a lot of branches in people’s yards. This spring our community members have been making large piles of sticks and branches at the road and as the city comes through to dispose of it, they throw it through the chipper and voila, the city has lots of mulch to give away. Check out the huge pile at our local recycling center in the picture above. All the free mulch you could want.
I admit, beggars can’t be choosers, the mulch isn’t perfect and we’ll be picking out small sticks all summer long, but the price was right and my flower bed looks great! (One other great side benefit – check out this great pile of fire wood – also free!)

Do you have ideas for completing summer landscaping projects for free? We’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below!
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