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This Stand-By Meal Helps My Family Save Money

ginger chicken

Have you ever tried to plan a meal, only to find your options are looking slim? One of my favorite go to meals for cleaning out the pantry and freezer is…. Stir Fry!

I’ve always loved stir fry, but it’s more than delicious. Stir fry can be made from just about anything. Beef, chicken, shrimp or vegetarian. Pasta, rice or carb-free. Teriyaki, Ginger or Soy Sauce. The possibilities are endless. Stir fry is also perfect for emptying the refrigerator before a big trip because you can throw just about anything into it.

This month we’re doing a miniature pantry challenge by eating down what has collected in our pantry over the last few months and my go to meal for getting rid of the extra veggies and frozen meat is always stir fry.

For more ideas on cooking fantastic stir fry, check out – 300 Best Stir Fry Recipes. Happy Cooking!

What is your go to, money saving meal? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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