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Giving Yourself Grace

I am only human.

Sometimes that’s the mantra I need to tell myself. I’m not perfect, I will make mistakes, and that’s O.K. Let’s be honest, many days are productive around my house, but other days are not. It’s important that as a wife, mother and teacher that I can learn to accept that – otherwise I’ll pass along my personal discontentment to those around me.

While looking at our budget this month I’ve been giving myself a hard time for the extra money we spent in March on food that hadn’t been budgeted. We normally do a great job following our budget and the longer we have our budget, the easier it is to do, but in March we struggled with saying ‘no.’ We were invited to multiple events that included bringing food to share or eating out, and didn’t say no to a single one – but we should have. Getting out of debt is an uphill battle and we’ll need to stay focused every step of the way to really work our debt snowball, but sometimes it’s nice to pretend or “forget” that we’re on a budget. It was nice to go out to eat in March a handful of times – which is a true luxury for us – but I’ll tell you what the food didn’t taste as good as it would have if we’d budgeted for it. In my heart I knew we shouldn’t be spending the money, but we did it anyway.

Enter grace.

I could choose to dwell on my negatives. I could easily list the many times where I’ve watched TV during nap time instead of blogging or been lost in a chain of online videos instead of reading or cleaning the house – but what will that do for me? Nothing. I can’t make myself a more productive person by dwelling on my mistakes. I am only human – and sometimes every human needs to give themselves some grace.

Have you had a recent situation where you had to give yourself grace? Share your story in the comments below.
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