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Teachers: Earn Extra Money By Teaching Professional Development

As part of our Total Money Makeover – we’re bringing in extra income whenever possible. This Spring I authored a guest post on Money Saving Mom about how our family is working towards increasing our income since we’ve already cut down to the basics.

So far this year, we’ve brought in extra income by:

  • Having my husband work extra hours and earn overtime at work whenever possible
  • Working paid after school activities such as sporting events and academic help sessions
  • Selling items around our house that we don’t use in a garage sale
  • Tutoring online
  • Selling advertisements on my blog
But recently I found another great option for teachers…. teach professional development sessions. Recently I was asked to present to my coworkers on the Socrative Student Clickers app (which I was happy to do for free) but I received a fantastic surprise when I was told I’d be receiving a stipend for $75 after only two hours of work! In addition to working a summer job – this makes for a great way to earn extra income. (Psst… if you’re interested in teaching PD sessions more often, check out teacher training companies that are always looking for experienced teachers on their payroll!)


How do you bring in extra income for your family? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below!

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate marketing links that compensate me for sales.

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