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Smart Money Smart Kids – Introduction & Chapters 1-2

Yesterday, I finished reading the introduction and first two chapters of Smart Money Smart Kids – the new book from Dave Ramsey & his daughter, Rachel Cruze.
If you haven’t already – go to the Smart Money Smart Kids website & scroll down to the bottom where you can download the first two chapters for free! (Warning… once you read that much you’ll be dying to pre-order the book – which is currently marked down to only $18.62 on Amazon, instead of its list price of $24.99.) Once you pre-order, fill out the quick form to receive $50 worth of FREE bonus items from the Smart Money Smart Kids team.
My Review of the Introduction & Chapters 1-2
As a follower of Dave Ramsey – I was excited before I even began page one, but it only took a few paragraphs to be hooked. (I’m actually struggling to not pick up the book and keep reading right now instead of posting what I’ve loved so far!)
Dave & Rachel share advice that is both powerful and inspiring. Here are a few of my favorite highlights from the introduction and first two chapters:

We all have a family tradition. Sometimes it is a sad legacy, one that you work not to repeat. Children are sponges – they are going to absorb whatever is around them, so we need to be intentional about what surrounds them. The good news is you can choose your family tradition for the next generation. It is a choice.” – Dave Ramsey

While talking about her feelings watching young families give their debt free scream on the radio, Rachel says, “I cry almost every time. I just want to walk up to that little girl, put her face in my hands, look her in the eyes, and say, ‘Do you have any idea what your parents just did for you? They have changed your entire life.‘”

Rachel inspires me to bring her experience to my son Easton when she says, “I am so proud of my parents and how hard they worked to turn our family around all those years ago. They faced and overcame things I can’t imagine, but in the process, they put me in a position to win in a way they probably couldn’t have imagined themselves. I have never owed a dime to anyone. I will never owe a dime to anyone. I have been raised in genuine, lasting financial peace. That’s not because I’m Dave Ramsey’s daughter. Its because my parents took the time and made the extra effort to teach me how to handle money. Because of them, I have complete confidence in my ability to manage my finances, no matter how much or how little I have. That is the best feeling in the world, and it’s an incredible gift you can give your kids too!

Can you relate to any of these quotes? Do you want more for your children? The moment I laid eyes on my son I knew I never wanted him to experience the financial hardships we are. I want his life to be more than my own and I will do anything in my power to make that happen.

Our culture has made many wonderful advances to ensure the safety and well-being of children. But we may have taken this too far. Many parents today are so centered on what their children want that they have lost perspective on what their children really need. Perspective – looking at life over time – demands that you teach children to work. Teaching children to work is not child abuse. We teach them to work not for our benefit, but because it gives them both dignity in a job well done today and the tools and character to win in the future as adults.” – Dave Ramsey

Another huge benefit of teaching a child the wonder of work is that she will tend to lose respect for people who refuse to work. Why is this good? It is good because you want your daughter to marry Mr. Right, not Mr. Lazy.” – Dave Ramsey

Do you want these things for your child too? Do you feel lost and not sure where to start? You’re in luck – not only is Smart Money Smart Kids inspiring – it even provides a well written and clear game plan that any family can follow.

From age five on, I operated on one general rule about making money: Work, get paid; don’t work, don’t get paid. That’s a basic principle that a lot of parents miss with their little kids. If a child can understand that money comes from work at age four, then she’ll be ready to hit the real world running at age twenty-four.” – Rachel Cruze

In just the first two chapters of Smart Money Smart Kids – Dave and Rachel have already laid the ground work for raising money smart kids from day one. But what if you already have kids – will this work for you too? YES! They have great advice for picking up the system later in life – which means it’s not too late for any family that has a desire to change their family tree.

Are you ready to join me? Pre-order your book, register for the free bonus items & download the first two chapters – then come back and comment on what you think! I look forward to hearing what you think. (Psst… I know you’re going to love it!) 

Smart Money Smart Kids: Raising the Next Generation to Win with Money

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