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Prepare For Your Summer Landscaping Projects – Day 6: Make The Most Out Of Spring Series

March. The month of spring. In the north, this is the month of melting (hopefully). The month we become restless for summer. When our days get longer & nights shorter. This March, let’s make the most out of Spring.

This month we’ll bring you posts to help inspire and motivate. Work along with us to make positive changes in your life that will set you up for success all year long!

Day 6 Action Plan – Prepare For Your Summer Landscaping Projects

It might not look like it outside but spring really is just around the corner. It’s time to start planning your outdoor projects for this spring & summer. Creating the landscape of your dreams doesn’t happen by luck – it requires patience, hard working and of course… planning!

If you’re new to gardening you might want to check out a Gardening 101 type of book from your local library or check out one of many great gardening blogs on the web to get basic information.

Step 1 – Plan Out Your Garden: Where will your plants be placed? Do you have the right kind of soil and sunlight?

Step 2 – Purchase Your Seeds & Plants: Seeds can be purchased online or in person from a local nursery.

Step 3 – Start Seeds Indoors: My mom swears by an indoor greenhouse and I’m excited to give it a try this year too!

Step 4 – Prep Your Soil: Have your soil tested and add nutrients as needed to set your growing season up for success.

Step 5 – Transplant Your Seeds & Plant Your Purchases: Nothing feels quite as good as digging in fresh dirt in the spring and having the instant gratification of a full garden.

What types of gardens will you be working on this spring? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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