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Create a Daily Routine

March. The month of spring. In the north, this is the month of melting (hopefully). The month we become restless for summer. When our days get longer & nights shorter. This March, let’s make the most out of Spring.

This month we’ll bring you posts to help inspire and motivate. Work along with us to make positive changes in your life that will set you up for success all year long!

Day 3 Action Plan: Create & Follow a Daily Routine

Routines are a great way to set your household up for success. I’ve found that routines not only ensure that I accomplish more with my day – but this works for my husband and son as well. By setting expectations up front about how our day will run everyone knows what will take place and when.

A great example of this is bed time – kids who have a set bedtime are less likely to argue and fight against it because they know the expectation ahead of time and can plan on it. Consistency is key in any routine, including this one.

Here are some routines you can start right away:

Routines for Kids

  • Get ready for work/school routine – Give your kids 5 things they need to accomplish every day once they wake up. Examples could include make your bed, brush your teeth, get dressed, take your vitamins & put your laundry in the hamper
  • Getting home from school routine – Kids should put away their coat, backpack & shoes when they get home from school followed by a quick predetermined snack before homework time. A simple routine like this will ensure your kids are eating something healthy and not ruining their dinner while getting homework out of the way – this will let everyone relax a bit more after dinner
Routines for Adults
  • Morning Routine – Pick 5 household or personal item tasks you can get done in the morning, besides getting ready for work or sending your kids off to school. Here are a few of my favorites: take my vitamins, start a load of laundry, walk the dogs, put dinner into the slow cooker or check my email
  • Multitasking while commuting – I’m a big fan of multitasking and a very easy way to do that is with books on CD. Driving is the perfect opportunity for me to catch up on the news (such as NPR) or listen to my favorite book on CD.
  • After Dinner & Before Bed Time – This is the perfect time of the evening to enjoy some time as a family. This could include cleaning up the kitchen from dinner & tidying up around the house for 15 minutes, but hopefully you’ll also take some time for snuggling, reading or watching a movie with your loved ones. It’s a great time to establish a device free time period if that applies to your family.

What daily routines work for your family? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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