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Downsize The Toy Collection: Day 15 – Make The Most Out Of Spring Series

March. The month of spring. In the north, this is the month of melting (hopefully). The month we become restless for summer. When our days get longer & nights shorter. This March, let’s make the most out of Spring.

This month we’ll bring you posts to help inspire and motivate. Work along with us to make positive changes in your life that will set you up for success all year long!

Day 15 – Action Plan – Downsize The Toy Collection

Do you ever feel like you trip over toys constantly? Is a lego underfoot in the night your worst real-life nightmare? It might be time to downsize!

I admit it… watching my son play with his tractor melts my heart. But I should mention he has at least 40 vehicles (trains, tractors, cars and the like) in his living room play enclosure alone. Seriously. How many vehicles does a child need? Answer – not 40+. It’s time to downsize!

Today’s challenge is to cut back on the toy clutter. Inspire your kids to use their imagination and find joy in the simplicity of a life with less stuff. Encourage your children to choose toys to donate to charity and give to a local family in need. Teaching the joy of giving early is a great way to encourage your child to have a servant’s heart.

When you’re done, don’t forget to come back and tell us about your success in the comments below!

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