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DIY: Classroom Management Organization Folders

Keeping track of classroom management in my middle school science classroom can become a headache. With students switching hours every 50 minutes, I needed a way to keep my behavior notes handy from hour to hour while maintaining organization. That’s when I created my DIY Classroom Management Folders, here’s how:

  • Get one folder for each class period or subject
  • Create a general note area including the class period on the front of each folder
  • Use small colored sticky notes on the inside of the folder to represent your desks or tables. My seats are numbered so I wrote the seat numbers in the corner of each sticky note to match my classroom layout.
  • Laminate your folders & cut the excess off the sides
Now use a dry erase marker to take notes on classroom management in each class period. You can also keep collected papers inside that folder until the end of the day. When a new hour begins, pull out a new folder. At the end of the day your notes & papers will be organized by class period for easy access.
How do you keep track of classroom management for your students? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below!

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