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Have You Told Your Spouse How Amazing They Are Today?

Recently while reading the Happy Wives Club & The Surrendered Wife I’ve had the opportunity to spend time thinking about my marriage.

The truth is… I’m one lucky lady! (I’m sure those of you in a relationship know what I’m talking about, or at least, I hope you do!) My husband not only puts up with my not-so-positive attributes, but he helps my positive attributes thrive. Thank goodness!

While listening to Dave Ramsey’s radio show last week there was an interesting caller and the topic of separate finances was brought up because one husband felt that finances shouldn’t be combined since then the woman would just run everything. I have to admit I was appalled and at the same time… so thankful. Here I am in a fantastic marriage with a man that helps me be the best person I can possibly be – its just a great reminder to step back and say thank you. 

So today, this blog post is for you honey! I love you to the moon & back and can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together! 🙂

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