Will You Take Our Snow Day Challenge Today?

This beautiful photo of the snow starting to build up was taken
by a very dear friend of mine with a fantastic eye for photography.

Are you one of the lucky thousands of teachers with a snow day today?

Our area of Michigan was hit pretty hard by storm Ion, which means we have snow drifts in our front yard that are up to my thigh, and school has been canceled for Monday. That’s where the challenge comes in.

I challenge you to not let today be just another day of break where you relax and take care of home. Today I challenge you to pretend it is a work day – whether you can travel to your classroom or not – try to spend a significant part of Monday working on classroom tasks. Why?

Wife.Mother.Teacher. is all about organizing the chaos of leading lives as working mothers. Just think how prepared you would be for the coming weeks if you had an entire school day of “prep hour.” That’s what today can be… an endless prep hour. A chance to catch up on emails, cleaning and organizing your classroom, grading papers, lesson planning, anything.

The New Year is all about setting yourself up for success and leading a more productive life than you did in 2013. Will you join me?


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  • Rose Carter says:

    I used this whole winter break to come up and work out on paper plans for my students. I created new data sheets, individual student contracts, incentives for reaching goals, etc. I was so ready to go back to work today but they called out in-service day. So I am going to take today to finish up odds and end since I don't have a plan period this week because of mid year IEP meetings. This is the first year I feel caught up.

  • Tiffany H says:

    Congrats Rose! That's awesome! :) I'm so glad for you. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your first day back, whenever that may be.