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30 Summer Job Ideas For Teachers

It’s the time of year that teachers start to consider what the summer ahead will bring. Winter cabin fever is setting in, and we’re dreaming of long, sunny days. Teachers are fortunate that we have the option of stretching out our 9 month salary over 12 months, which means we can receive paychecks year around even though we aren’t teaching year around, but in addition we’re lucky because while receiving that summer paycheck, we’re able to take on a summer job to supplement our income. Here’s a list of great summer jobs for teachers:
  1. Work in the lawn & garden department of a local hardware or grocery store
  2. Work as a seasonal farm hand caring for livestock or harvesting plants
  3. Babysit or nanny school aged children in need of summer care
  4. Tutor college students online
  5. Teach a summer college course
  6. Be a summer camp counselor
  7. Mentor and tutor high school students filling out college and scholarship applications
  8. Work as a freelance writer and/or editor
  9. Clean houses
  10. Run a landscaping business
  11. Write a blog 🙂
  12. Walk dogs in your community
  13. House sit for families camping or traveling throughout the summer
  14. Grow fresh produce to sell at a road side vegetable stand
  15. Craft items to sell at local farmer’s markets
  16. Buy and resell using garage sales & Ebay
  17. Teach summer educator professional development courses
  18. Work as a parks and recreation employee renting summer sporting equipment
  19. Lifeguard at a local pool or beach
  20. Teach swim lessons
  21. Enjoy an adrenaline rush working at a local amusement or water park
  22. Run an adult education course in your community
  23. Deliver newspapers on paper route
  24. Create a small business staining decks & fences for your community
  25. Hire yourself out for odds & ends jobs in your neighborhood
  26. Run garage sales for people for a small fee
  27. Count Corn (yes, seriously, this is a summer job in corn growing areas)
  28. Detail cars
  29. Be a personal organizer – helping people organize their office, basement or garage
  30. Run errands for busy working families in your area
What do you do to supplement your income in the summer? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below.
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