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Increasing Our Income: Online Tutoring

Spring 2016 UPDATE: InstaEdu is now Chegg Tutors. Same great service, with a new name!
Ever since we started our Total Money Makeover last winter my husband and I have been anxious to increase our income whenever possible. Those of you that follow Dave Ramsey, like we do, know that he recommends increasing your income as a portion of your plan for getting out of debt. But increasing your income isn’t always easy.
This year my husband moved to a new employer where the pay and work conditions were much more favorable to raising a family, we had a garage sale to earn extra cash from all the ‘junk’ we had lying around and we’ve been picking up extra hours at work whenever possible. As a teacher this has meant working at sporting events and supervising after school activities. But what else could we do?
Dave Ramsey often recommends getting a second job, his most common example is delivering pizzas, and although we’ve racked our brains trying to figure out how to make that work we just haven’t found a traditional second job that fits our schedule and/or allows for daycare for our son. I’m hopeful that in the coming months as my husband’s new career settles down I might be able to take on a summer job – but in the mean time I’ve decided to get creative.
I’m a teacher, why not make money tutoring? But where to start…..
I didn’t like the idea of tutoring in person in the evenings because of my son. That’s what got me thinking about online tutoring in the first place. I liked the idea that it could be done from home, around my schedule AND would allow me to care for my son while working. A friend of mine recommended InstaEdu – he had nothing but great things to say from his experience working for them. The pay rate is great ($20 an hour), applying and starting to work is very simple no matter your teaching experience AND getting paid is much easier and faster than their competitors.
So what are the results?
My first online tutoring session was a huge success!

Are you interested in using InstaEdu to earn extra money? Just click the link to sign up and start earning today!

What does your family do to bring in extra income and work your debt snowball? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below!


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