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Frugal Recipe: Dirty Rice & Ground Turkey Stuffed Green Peppers – Only $3.87

This year I’ve been inspired by Meet Penny’s Ultimate Beans & Rice Recipe List Linky Party, Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover & a desire to set up our family for a more secure financial future. That has lead me down the path of making it my mission to live as frugally as possible while still enjoying life. 

One area of our life where we try to cut back is on our food budget. Before we had our son my husband and I survived on a $40 a week budget while couponing intensely – but now that my son is here we’ve raised our weekly food budget to $75 and we shop at Aldi instead of couponing to save time. If you average that out, at 7 days a week, 3 meals a day plus snacks, my family needs to spend $3.57 or less per meal to stay within our budget. Thankfully breakfast & lunches usually cost us much less – so we’re occasionally able to “splurge” on big ticket items like steaks for the grill but that only happens if we can keep our ‘normal’ meals within our budget.

This week we tried one of our favorites in a new way – Ground Turkey & Dirty Rice baked inside of green peppers. This meal cost us $3.87 and will not only feed all 3 of us for dinner, but will most definitely cover lunch at work tomorrow as well. The sad truth though is that in the summer months this meal would be even cheaper because green peppers cost less when they’re in season here. We could also cut another 80 cents off this meal by using beans instead of ground turkey, bringing your meal total down to about $3.00 for the entire family!

The recipe isn’t anything special, but boy is it tasty! Happy frugal eating!

Dirty Rice & Ground Turkey Stuffed Green Peppers
  1. Prepare dirty rice as directed on box.
  2. Brown your ground meat (if using meat).
  3. Mix dirty rice & meat, cook on low for 5 minutes.
  4. Preheat oven to 350.
  5. Cut tops off of peppers and clean out the inside to prepare for stuffing. Do not throw away lids.
  6. Scoop rice & meat mixture into peppers and place in baking dish lined with remaining rice & meat mixture. Replace lids on peppers.
  7. Bake until peppers reach your desired texture. 20 minutes will leave you with crunchy peppers, whereas 40 minutes or more will make your peppers more soft.

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