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Improve Your Marriage In Just One Week

A Handmade Card for my Hubby!

Do you think that working on your relationships is a great way to avoid future relationship disaster? If so, then you sound like me. I grew up with parents who had a miserable relationship, and have known from a very young age that I wanted to do whatever it would take to have a marriage that was the polar opposite of my parent’s.  That being said, I’m always looking to gain marriage recommendations from the many wonderful couples in our life but also from outside sources like books and experts. That’s how I learned about The 5 Love Languages – one of my all time favorite self help books!

With thousands of relationship books on the market, it really is a small miracle when you find one that actually makes a difference as soon as you read it. Last week my husband and I retook the 5 Love Languages test for the first time since we were dating. (If you’ve never heard of the 5 Love Languages, stop reading now and go buy the book, seriously. It’s totally worth it!) The results were very interesting.

My test results have changed significantly since we took the test last – this time around I scored a 11 (out of 12) on acts of service and a 0 on receiving gifts. My husband? He scored highest on receiving gifts. What does that mean? Well, imagine trying to have a husband and wife express their love for one another when one speaks french and the other greek. It wouldn’t work well would it? The same thing is true with The 5 Love Languages. If you speak a different love language than your spouse, one or both of you may feel unloved and unappreciated. That’s a recipe for marriage disaster.

It turns out my husband and I are speaking the wrong language to one another. I spend a great deal of time cleaning and working around our home – this is how I show my husband that I love him. I get frustrated when my husband doesn’t help around the house on his day off. Meanwhile, my husband craves gifts as a sign of my love for him. Uh oh….

Reading this book has helped me to understand how craving gifts isn’t materialistic of him and has shown him that my desire for help around the house isn’t meant to make me his slave driver. 🙂

So there you go… read The 5 Love Languages, take the 5 Love Languages test and start to see improvements with your significant other in a matter of days!

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