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Freeze Ahead Christmas Cookies


Christmas is a big deal in our house! We love to decorate, listen to holiday music, visit with family and friends, pick out our Christmas tree and visit Santa. We also love homemade cookies, but they take a lot of time and sometimes we miss out on a wide variety of cookies just because of a lack of time. 🙁 But not this year… this year I’m planning to get started early with Freeze Ahead Christmas Cookies!

With Freeze Ahead cookies you have two options for freezing:
1) Freeze cookie dough to bake in the future just like these lovely gems from Be A Pot Stirrer, or
2) Freeze baked cookies to enjoy (or decorate) later just like these prepared by Tidy Mom

No matter which method you choose, you’re sure to have holiday cookies ready for your guests in no time! With all that time you save, make sure you check out EMeals for saving money at the grocery store and Dave Ramsey’s Christmas Budget Website.

Happy Baking!

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