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Christmas Budget 2013

Dave Ramsey has done it again… have you seen his new FREE online tool My Christmas Budget? This evening while working on my couch to 5k program, I listened to this afternoon’s Dave Ramsey podcast and this fantastic little gem was being advertised.
My Christmas Budget let’s you…
  • Set a budget for your holiday spending
  • Create a purchase list broken down by family, friends, party supplies, etc.
  • Decide how much money to spend on each person and category
  • Enter the gifts you purchase into your account and keep a constant running total of what remains in your Christmas budget
Screen Shot of an example Christmas budget
Our Christmas Budget:
This year we’re setting aside $400 for Christmas which will include everything except for the gas we’ll use in our car to visit family and the food we’ll serve. I know it doesn’t sound like a lot, but since we’re doing the Total Money Makeover it actually feels like a small fortune! This year we’ve been forced to get creative and consider every purchase before we make it. I’m crafting and coming up with homemade presents more than ever and it sounds crazy, but I’m actually really enjoying it. 🙂
How about you? What’s your Christmas budget looking like? Have you tried We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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