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If I Only Have $40 in My Grocery Budget This Week, I Would…

Since we started our Dave Ramsey Debt Snowball adventure nearly two years ago now we’ve been living on a very strict budget. For awhile that budget consisted of a $40 weekly grocery/food budget for two adults and a baby. Frequently I had people ask me how we made that work. Well here goes, if I only had $40 in my grocery budget this week, I would…

  • Shop Aldi to save money instead of the major grocery store chains
  • Buy sale and discounted products first before moving on to full price products. (At Aldi you can regularly find meat products that are nearly to their sell buy date discounted. This week I picked up a $7 roast for $1.87!)
  • Meal plan BEFORE you go grocery shopping. I’m serious about this one – meal planning really saves us money because it allows us to only purchase what we actually need. In addition you’re more likely to use up products you already have in your house since you can look at recipes ahead of time and only purchase the missing ingredients.
  • Coupon for FREE items like those pictured above if you have access to coupons, especially if a local store doubles
  • Start the practice of Meatless Monday – not only is it cheaper, it’s also a healthy option
  • Bite the bullet and cut out the unnecessary items. Do you really need flavored coffee creamer? Could you make plain milk work for awhile? How about paper towels? Have you considered cloth?
  • Give up specialty drinks. Juice, milk and other specialty drinks add a great deal to your weekly budget – cut them out and drink water. Not only will it save you money but your body will thank you!
Last but not least, and my biggest recommendation, is remind yourself that you CAN do this and it’s NOT forever! Your diet may be rather boring for a while, but it’s OK. Your taste buds will recover!
Do you have advise to others who may be facing cutting back on their grocery budget? We’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below! 🙂

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