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DIY Swiffer Duster Tutorial (With Pictures)

This summer I picked up sewing for the first time in over a decade. There were so many things I was excited to make that I knew would be fun & save my family money at the same time! It’s been a great adventure, but I’ve made some pretty cool stuff along the way. This post is all about my adventures to make a homemade reuseable swiffer duster. If you’re interested in being frugal and green at the same time follow our step by step guide to creating a washable swiffer duster of your very own! 🙂


Step 1: Organize your supplies. You’ll need: One fat quarter (or scraps) of fleece, one fat quarter (or scraps) of flannel (an old pillow case works great), thread, rotary cutter, cardboard (I used a cereal box), scissors, pen, measuring tape & a swiffer duster handle.

Step 2: Create your pattern. Using my swiffer handle, I traced the forked end onto a piece of box board (cut from a cereal box). I then created a rounded rectangle around the tracing that was the approximate size I was looking for.
Step 3: Cut Fleece & Flannel. Using your pattern, rotary tool & cutting mat, cut four pieces of fleece and two of flannel.

Step 4: Layer your pieces. Lay your flannel on top & fleece below in a neat pile, then FLIP OVER.
Step 5: Line up one piece of fleece on your mat. You’re going to cut off 1 inch of the top layer, so line up one short end of fleece with an inch marker on your mat then use your rotary cutter to remove one inch of fabric. (It will look like the photo below when you’re done.)
Step 6: Line up your four layers of fleece material. (Set the flannel aside.) The top layer should be one inch shorter than the rest as shown.
Step 7: Sew a straight line down the center of your pieces (length wise).
Step 8: Insert your Swiffer duster handle as shown. Use a fabric marking tool to draw a 3 sided rectangle around the swiffer duster handle to know where to sew your “pocket”. See picture below.
Step 9: Sew a three sided rectangle around the swiffer duster handle that you drew in step 8. See the picture above for assistance. This should create two long pockets to insert the swiffer duster into.
Step 10: Turn over your fleece pieces (shown here in black) so that the pocket you just created faces down. Add your two layers of flannel on top.
Step 11: Stitch a straight line down the center of the flannel material to attach it to the fleece. You may choose to extend this stitch from end to end or shorten it as I did in the picture above.
Step 12: Flip back the top layer of flannel at the fold as shown above. Cut the second layer of flannel approximately 3/4 to 1 inch shorter than the flannel sides. See photo above for help. Repeat on opposite side.
Step 13: Cut the top layer of flannel approximately 3/4 to 1 inch shorter than the flannel sides. See photo above for help. This will create a tiered look to your duster allowing for easy cleaning in small areas. (More surface area = greater dust pick up)
Step 14: Cut 1 inch strips in all layers of the flannel & fleece without cutting through your stitched lines. I would recommend you cut one layer at a time for best accuracy. Finished product should look like the picture above.
Congratulations! You’ve created a Swiffer Duster that can be washed over and over. Better yet, the edges of your flannel will fray with washing creating an even better dusting surface! Happy Sewing!
P.S. If you like Pinterest for keeping track of all your crafting ideas, you’ll LOVE Craftsy! Check them out!


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