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Top 3 Items for One Year Olds


My son was REALLY excited about his birthday cake!

Congratulations! You’ve successfully raised your child beyond infancy! Welcome to the wonderful world of toddlers. It’s time to put your old baby items in storage and look toward the future, where you’re sure to be chasing after your little one & keeping them out of trouble. Once you have a one year old you’ll realize pretty quick that life can either be all about putting out fires or avoiding them. My top 3 items for a one year old are all about avoiding fires by providing safe choices for your little one to grow & explore. In addition, we don’t have the budget to buy every latest toy – we keep things simple. Less is more. That way we don’t break the bank or clutter our house! 🙂

1. Ergo Baby Carrier – If you check out my weekly & annual goals, you know that I attend my local area baby wearing meetings. If you’ve never heard of baby wearing, its basically a style of parenting where you physically wear your babies and young children. Extra ‘crunchy‘ families wear their children most of the day – but in our house we only wear Easton when setting him down or using a stroller wouldn’t be the most ideal situation. What types of situations are those? Lately we’ve used our Ergo baby carrier while working in the yard, while walking the dogs & while garage sale shopping. It’s also great for busy places like the zoo and you can walk at your own pace without needing to find room for a stroller. It even has a huge pocket which is perfect for your keys, snacks or a diaper allowing you to be hands free. If you’ve never thought about baby wearing – check it out – you won’t be sorry!

2. Play Yard – Having a play yard is by far one of the best things we’ve done. We call it a “play area” at our house (although my sister in law calls it a cage, LOL). Either way it’s all about perception. We keep it a positive thing, so Easton sees it as a positive thing! Our play yard is in our living room all the time. It’s the only place where he has toys on the main floor of our house, which makes clean up easy, plus he looks forward to being in the play yard since that’s where his toys are! 🙂 This is a great way to contain him while I’m cooking or cleaning.

3.  Electronic Device Case – If you have a handheld device, you know how much your children are drawn to it! I was really worried about having Easton break my device or mess up my settings, not to mention he kept pushing the home button… arrgh! 🙂 Thankfully many companies including Fisher Price make device covers. We use the cover pictured above for our IPad. It prevents him from exiting the application he’s using or damaging the device. We couldn’t be happier!

What are your favorite items for a one year old? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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