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Have You Checked Out Craftsy?

Check out the envelope pillow with french seams that I created using an online Craftsy class!
Do you dream of making one of a kind creations but sadly lack any know how for doing it? Do you pin cool DIY projects on Pinterest like its going out of style but fail to complete a single one? If you answered yes to these questions, you need to check out Craftsy!
Craftsy is an online crafters paradise, offering online classes for young & old, experienced & beginners. And here’s the BEST part, it’s FREE to join! When you visit Craftsy here’s what you’ll find:
Home Screen
At Craftsy, you’ll find FREE & paid classes on cake decorating, crocheting, embroidery, fine arts, food & cooking, home & garden, jewelry, knitting, photography, quilting, sewing & more! In addition they have a fantastic stock of patterns & supplies available for purchase!
Craftsy was recommended to me by a wonderful blogging friend who also really wanted to get into sewing like I did. Sure enough, she was right! Here’s what I LOVE about Craftsy:
  • It’s FREE to join!
  • There are tons of FREE classes, in addition to a wonderful selection of paid classes
  • You can watch your classes from anywhere, on any device with an internet connection
  • The classes are available anytime you want, 24/7
  • Your access never expires, which means next year when I need to make envelope pillows for my master bedroom I’ll still have access to all the great tutorials, videos, chat & help I had while making my original project
  • You can ask questions of both the instructor & fellow classmates at any time
  • Videos can be watched over & over
So what are you waiting for? If you love Pinterest, you’ll LOVE Craftsy!

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