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Find Your Healthy Eating Inspiration

I admit it. I love junk food. Cake and ice cream is on my list of top 3 breakfast options. πŸ™‚ Its not that I don’t like healthy food, the problem is that I also really love not so healthy food. πŸ™ But I’ve noticed something lately… since our son Easton turned 6 months of age, and moved from breast milk as his primary source of nutrition, to adding solid food into the mix, our family food dynamic is changing.

We eat more fresh produce. Our portions are a little smaller. Our snacks are less processed. I’m happy to admit… having a kid helps us eat more healthy. Why? I only have one possible explanation…. I want more for my son. I don’t want him to grow up devouring packaged dinners & sugar on a regular basis and the only way I’m going to teach him that behavior is if we model it from an early age. Our eating has changed because we care so much about his overall health and wellness a bit more than we care about the chocolate cake mix in the cupboard. Our son is worth it!

What’s your healthy eating inspiration? Share your ideas with our readers in comments below!

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