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Why YOU Should Take The Time To Enter Giveaways!

Have you ever wondered why so many blogs list giveaways? Well you may be surprised to find out it isn’t only to increase online traffic… most bloggers who blog about giveaways also enter giveaways. Here’s why:

  • Products can be used for gift giving – I recently entered a giveaway for a children’s movie that I personally have no interest in watching, BUT it would make a great birthday present. Think about all the gift giving you do in a year – baby showers, wedding showers, weddings, graduations, birthdays, your anniversary , holidays and more, saving a few bucks on presents now and then would be handy!
  • We can try products we wouldn’t otherwise purchase – Lets face it, there are TONS of cool things out there that I’d love to get my hands on, but my check book doesn’t always (read… usually) agree. Giveaways offer me the chance to try out the brand new show stopping mascara everyone has been talking about without forking out the money myself.
  • You can discover great new blogs in the process – There are thousands of wonderful blogs out there and I know that I’ve only scratched the surface in exploring them. Sometimes visiting a blog because of a giveaway they listed opens the door for reading great new material on the web.
What’s the catch? Well, with everything, there is technically a down side. Giveaways are not a sure thing. You will “waste” time on items you won’t win. That’s to be expected, so don’t choose entering giveaways over something else that is more important in your life, but if you have a spare minute while watching TV or relaxing with a cup of coffee go ahead and give it a try.
Good luck & happy giveaway entering! 🙂


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