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The 5 Minute Emergency House Cleanup Routine

Clutter is the number one “mess factor” in most homes. Basically if you can remove clutter, your house will instantly appear to be more clean. Why? Well that’s simple… our brain registers stuff as mess. So here’s the scenario… your mother-in-law calls and says shes stopping by. She’ll be there in 5 minutes. What do you do?

Remove clutter!

Since your unexpected guest is only likely to see a small portion of your home during their visit, concentrate on moving clutter out of the common space and into the unused areas. In my home our entire first floor is open, so when a guest comes over that entire area is seen, so here’s my 5 minute emergency cleanup routine:

  1. Scoop all clutter, stuff, piles, etc. and put upstairs in our office
  2. Put any dirty dishes waiting to be washed into the washer – I’m not worrying about whether or not its neat at this point, I’m just removing them from sight.
  3. Quick wipe down of the counters with a our homemade orange vinegar cleaner
If I still have time at this point I would continue on to these items until the guest pulled into my driveway:
    4. Wipe down coffee table & entertainment center
    5. Sweep kitchen floor
At this point my house is presentable enough for a quick visit, but I should point out that our house is normally pretty clean and organized at all times. I spend a few minutes every day ‘cleaning’ – that way I never have a huge mess to take care of.
What’s your emergency 5 minute house cleanup routine? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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