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Sign Up For Freebies On Your Birthday!

It’s that time of year… my birthday week! I choose to look at birthday’s as an exciting adventure, rather than a dreaded event. At our house, you’re the special family member of the day & get to decide the day’s events (including dinner). But there is an added birthday bonus for us frugal mamas as well… on your birthday hundreds of businesses want to offer you freebies & discounts in order to get you in the door. Signing up yourself & family is easy! This is the kind of post you should share with friends and loved ones because we all deserve to feel special on our special day! 🙂

Here’s a list of what I’m signed up for (including links for you to sign up your family):

But the offers don’t stop there. Check out Hey! It’s Free.  for a ton of other retailers that may be in your area!

Tell us about your favorite birthday moments in the comments below!

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