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Setting Up The PERFECT Morning Routine

This March, Money Saving Mom had an excellent post about morning routines. It inspired me to start thinking about the morning routine in our house. My husband recently made a career change. For the first time since having our son, I’m alone getting myself & son ready for work and daycare a few days a week. I’ll tell you what, it has been eye opening experience! Our morning routine (and evening routine for that matter) needs some work. So here’s the new plan…

Night Before

  1. Prepare Clothing – Lay out all the clothing you’ll need for the following morning the night before down to the smallest detail (ex. jewelry, under garments, etc)
  2. Prepare or Plan Breakfast & Lunch – I’m not really one for making my lunch the night before, but if I at least had a plan and knew what I would make in the morning a great deal of time would be saved each morning.
  3. Set An Early Alarm – I may be weird, but I do much better waking up in the morning if I already had a “pre-wake up time” alarm. For example, if I actually need to be out of bed at 5:30am, I first set an alarm at 5am. When that alarm goes off I get another 30 minutes to sleep in or lounge in bed stress free.
  4. Visualize Your Morning – If I have something to do I often fret about it the night before. To avoid that, I take 2 minutes to visualize the following morning. I remind myself of the clothing I’m going to wear, food I’m going to prepare, etc. That way I can relax knowing everything is taken care of and I tend to sleep better that way! 🙂
In The Morning
  1. No Snoozing – there’s a reason you set your ‘early alarm’ – but its not so that you can snooze beyond it.
  2. Get Ready for Your Day – follow the plan you visualized the night before to avoid moments wasted standing in front of the closet or mirror unsure of what you’ll be wearing that day
  3. Make Breakfast According to Plan
  4. Get Out The Door – Set a time you need to leave by. If you have an extra 5 minutes go ahead and facebook or sip a cup of coffee, but otherwise you leave whether or not you had that extra time
So far, this is working really well for us. Tell us about your morning routine in the comments below!

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