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DIY: Magnetic Chalkboard Wall

Over the last few years, chalkboard paint has had a hay day spreading its way through so many of our lives, but this year we took chalkboard paint one step further by combining it with magnetic paint!
We have a small 3 foot wide wall in our kitchen that separates our dining room from the rest of our entry way, due to the placement of a thermostat & light switch it was never going to be a very good wall for hanging art, so we decided to get a little inventive. Now we have a wall that’s great for writing reminders, to-do lists, quotes, notes, etc and at the bottom little ones can kill time while dinner is cooking by creating works of art!
Here’s what I LOVE about Rust-Oleum Magnetic Primer & Chalkboard Paint:
  • Chalkboard paint comes in many colors, you’re not limited to black anymore
  • You can layer the two paints in order to create a wall that you can write on with chalk AND hang magnetic items from
  • It’s a quick and easy option for dressing up a home organization center or kid’s play room
  • It triples as a great honey-do list area, kids art wall & organizing feature (check out pics below!)
Easton’s Works of Art

Just a few recommendations:

  • Use the magnetic primer right after purchasing! If you wait too long the magnetic chips will fall to the bottom and painting will be difficult and leave a texture on your wall (see close up below) πŸ™
  • Purchase enough paint to do 2 coats of each type of paint for best results
  • Have a backup plan for leftover paint – this paint isn’t extremely expensive, but its expensive enough that you should have an option for painting something with the leftovers. I wish we’d done this – we could have made a travel chalkboard for Easton, but instead we threw out the leftovers. πŸ™ Not very frugal of me!
A great home for photo magnets
How about you? Tell us about your chalkboard paint & magnetic paint projects in the comments below!



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