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Financial Goals: After FPU

This year has been one of the most eye opening years of our marriage so far. We were blessed to be given the gift of Financial Peace University. Many of you have read about our favorite moments of the FPU experience this year. It has been an inspiring journey & I’m so glad to have shared it with all of you.
Now that we’re a few months out from our class experience, we’ve entered the “After FPU” portion of our Total Money Makeover. Although we have a long path ahead of us, I know that we’re finally on the right path to achieving a debt free status! 🙂 Will you join us? If you’re new to Dave Ramsey and his financial program, I would HIGHLY recommend you take a weekend to read the Total Money Makeover. It is life changing!
Total Money Makeover is one of the best written books I’ve ever read. My husband and I both equally enjoyed reading the book. We even listened to the book on CD. It was a great way to take Dave with us on long car rides & road trips. When we feel the need for an extra financial inspiration we just pop in the CD. Have I inspired you to check out the book yet? No??? You must be the one in a million lucky souls that was born with the gift of handling finances with ease and extreme wisdom! 🙂 The rest of us need an adviser like Dave Ramsey & his book Total Money Makeover to help us out.
Our After FPU Goal List:
  1. Retake the FPU class (did I mention the lifetime, free membership!) this fall & gain a few more accountability partners in our life
  2. Continue making a monthly budget, every month, before the month begins
  3. Continue using the envelope system to pay for food & miscellaneous expenses
  4. Update our debt snowball information with student loan companies
  5. Continue using the debt snowball to pay off our student loan debt
We’d love to hear from you… tell us about your Total Money Makeover experiences in the comments below!


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