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Save Time & Money While Cooking with Supercook

Are you a busy, working mom? Are you low on time & energy at dinner time? Do you sit and stare at your cupboards wondering what on earth to cook your family with the ingredients you have on hand?
If you answered yes to any of these questions then you’re in luck! Supercook is here to save the day! 🙂
Supercook is a FREE website that uses the ingredients you have on hand to search the internet for recipes you could make. For example, a quick search using chicken breasts, garlic, bell peppers & eggs just gave me 97 different recipes I could make! Better yet, you can create a free account on Supercook and save the items you have on hand. That way every time you log on your pantry items are already there waiting for you.
You’re not convinced to check out Supercook yet? Let me share just a few more reasons I love this website with you:
  • Did I mention it’s FREE?
  • When you’re feeling lazy or lacking in creativity Supercook will come to your rescue.
  • Let’s pretend you have something you need to cook before it goes bad, just double click on that item to give it extra emphasis on Supercook and the website will make sure to give you recipes that use that ingredient.
Happy cooking! 🙂


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