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My Top 10 Mommy Multi-tasking Moments

You know how it is… the oven timer is going off, kids are screaming because they’re hungry, the dogs want outside, the phone rings & a neighbor knocks on your door all in the same moment. We’ve all been there, some of us far too often, and it’s easy to get angry & frustrated with everything life is throwing at you. Thank goodness busy mamma’s like us have developed a few coping skills. Here are my top 10 mommy multi-tasking moments:

While reading books with my son I like to get in a few leg lifts.
  1. Exercising + Playing with Children: This is a ‘no-brainer’ ladies. Gym memberships take time & money that quite frankly, I don’t have. But I do have a son that keeps me busy. Make every moment a chance to spend quality time with your children AND burn a few calories while you’re at it. I enjoy leg lifts & planks while playing on the floor or reading with my son and dancing along to the radio while feeding and preparing him dinner.
  2. Blogging/Facebook/Emails + Swagbucks TV: Basically every time I’m on the internet I have another page open in the background playing Swagbucks TV. Every time I think of it I click over and start a new video. On any given day this earns me 3-15 Swagbucks without taking up any extra time.
  3. Tonight’s Dinner + One More for the Freezer: During the Pantry Challenge this January you read my fave reviews for Jessica Fisher’s book Not Your Mother’s Make Ahead & Freeze Cookbook. I am officially on board with the practice of cooking in bulk and freezing meals ahead for future use.
  4. Wii Fit + My Favorite TV Show: Free Step is seriously an amazing invention! I really appreciate being able to get in a quick exercise routine while watching a recorded TV show while my son is napping on the weekends.
  5. Cutting Coupons + My Favorite TV Show: Sunday evenings (when we’re not at our Financial Peace University class) I can often be found sprawled out on the living room floor cutting coupons while watching a TV show or movie with my husband.
  6. Personal Phone Calls + Driving: I catch up on most of my personal phone calls while running errands to save time while I’m at home.
  7. Books on CD + Cooking/Cleaning/Driving: Check out the selection of books on CD from your local library. This works great for me because I love to read but have very little time for it.
  8. Clean the Bathroom + Using the Bathroom: Keep a bottle of non-toxic cleaner in your shower to scrub a little bit everyday or wipe out the sinks while you brush your teeth.
  9. Walking the Dogs + Exercise: I love soaking up vitamin d while strolling around our neighborhood with my dogs.
  10. Mom Relaxation Time: I saved the best for last… I like to combine a bubble bath with reading while wearing a face mask. My short time as a working mom has taught me that making time for myself every week is crucial to my happiness and family relationships.
Well there it is… my top ten favorite ways to multitask as a busy, working mom. I’d love to add your ideas to the list. Comment below with your favorite ways to multitask!

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