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How Pinterest Helps Me Organize My Life

Have you ever wondered how many hours of your life have been spent on Pinterest? I hadn’t spent much time considering this question until recently. A coworker & I had a very interesting conversation about Pinterest. Her standpoint was that the time we spend on Pinterest is “wasted.” I was shocked! How can my time on Pinterest be a waste?!?! I was motivated to make my case (as I’m sure you can imagine), so here goes.
Pinterest helps me organize my life by:
  1. Finding fantastic recipes I wouldn’t otherwise have known about or tried.
  2. Allowing me to avoid sticky notes & bulletin boards full of pictures in my home.
  3. Providing me with a method of organizing all the “cool ideas” I find online in one place.
  4. Sharing my favorites with friends and vice versa.
So what do you say ladies… does Pinterest help inspire & organize your lives OR do you find it to be a waste of time? Let us know in the comments below.

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