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Save Money By Buying Meat In Bulk & Repacking Yourself

Buying in bulk isn’t a new idea, so why is it that so many families haven’t picked up on the trend?!?! It’s your hard earned money… do more with it.
Buying your meat in bulk when it’s on sale, then repacking it and freezing it is a great way to make the dollar stretch a little further.
This week I bought $16 worth of hamburger meat, which I repackaged into 9 individual 3/4 pound servings.
Let’s do the math…. that’s $16 divided by 9 meals, which equals $1.77 per meal on meat. Compared to the individual packs that run between $3-5 at my local grocery. That saves my family over 50% just for buying in bulk!
Do you buy in bulk to save money? Tell us about your bulk purchase savings in the comments below – we’d love to hear from you.


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