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Freezer Meals for the Working Mom

Calling all working moms who are low on time but want to feed their families healthy & inexpensive food…. freezer cooking for the modern working mom is here!

Jessica Fisher of Good (Cheap) Eats, the same woman who inspired the 2013 Pantry Challenge, has done it again! Her new book Not Your Mother’s Make-Ahead & Freeze Cookbook is FANTASTIC. I’d highly recommend it for busy working moms & work at home moms alike. What I like best is that its designed for those of us with little time who only want to get our feet wet!
So here’s the the big question….. with so little free time in my schedule right now, why would I want to add one more thing to do?
  • It allows you to buy in bulk, saving money
  • It makes getting a hot meal on the table incredibly easy
  • It gets your crock pot and bread maker back out of storage & busy making your family food
  • It helps you cut back on ordering out and picking up take out
  • Did anyone mention…. you save money!?!?
January is a great time to get started with new routines to save your family time & money while making healthy lifestyle choices. So today, with Jessica’s cookbook in hand I made freeze-ahead breakfast muffins for my family to enjoy this winter.
Happy cooking ladies!

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