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FREE Printable: Weekly Home Management Tasks

Help your family stay more organized & avoid arguments by posting weekly home management tasks for everyone to see.

How to Use the Home Management List:

  1. Download the document below
  2. Fill in the current week at the top (we use a blank plastic transparency page over ours so we can use a dry erase marker & avoid printing new copies weekly)
  3. List tasks to be completed each week (add names of those responsible for the task if desired, ex. Johnny clean bedroom)
  4. Leave blank lines for special tasks that aren’t done every week (ex. wiping down baseboards happens monthly in our house, not weekly, so that job would only go on the list every once in awhile)
  5. As jobs are completed check off the task
  6. The next time your family member’s ask: “what do I need to do now” they won’t have to come to you for the answer. Just post the Home Management list where everyone can see it & you get to take a break from being the “middle man”. (Consider including your spouse & kids in the chore planning at the start of the week to help make everyone feel included & accountable.)

Download the Form Here

We’d love to hear from you – how do you use the home management printable? Let us know in the comments below!


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