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Improve Your Life by Setting Expectations

As working moms, in the home or not, we’re are always juggling many hats. If we aren’t working on something for our employer, we’re being the cook, the chauffeur, the personal shopper, the nurse, the disciplinarian or one of the other tons of jobs we take on each and every day for our family. This, of course, is on top of our duties as a wife and woman. I don’t know about you, but sometimes, I’m lucky if I can find 5 minutes to paint my toe nails once per season! 🙂 If this sounds like you then you’re in luck.
This series is all about helping us live better lives with minimal time requirement. Taking time for our mental health, improving our relationships with loved ones, organizing our home, balancing family budgets… you name it, we’ll talk about it. Stay tuned for the next post as we set our timers for 5 minutes each day to….

Improve Our Lives 5 Minutes At A Time

As women, we tend to be great multi-taskers. Often juggling dishes, laundry, feeding the dog & cooking dinner in beautiful harmony. (O.K., maybe I embellished with the “harmony” part, but c’mon a girls gotta dream!) The problem is, we often live with people who don’t necessarily multitask to our high standards (ahem… husbands!) That can lead to unnecessary fighting & resentment that could have been easily avoided before hand. How? Set expectations….
What Are Your Expectations?
This is the moment where you decide what you need and/or want from the other members of your household.
  • Do you expect your kids to be self initiators that come home, get a snack & immediately start their homework?
  • Do you expect your hubby to take out the trash?
  • Do you crave a hug the moment your loved ones enter the door?
  • Don’t forget yourself! What tasks should you be completing on a daily basis?
Share Your Expectations:
Now that you have a list in hand, bring up the topic over a peaceful family dinner (No TV!). Allow every member of your family to share their thoughts and opinions. Perhaps they’ll have some insight that you left out, for example if trash day is the same day hubby has to work late every week it might help avoid headaches if someone else takes on that duty. Once everyone has had the chance to share how they feel and bring up any concerns write a new list together. Title this Our Family’s Expectations. By making it the family’s expectations, instead of mom’s expectations it gives everyone ownership and they’re more likely to be on board. Have everyone sign off on the expectations & post them in a central location in your house. 
Now for the Hard Part…. Follow Through:
Any boss will tell you, the key to expectations for their employees is follow through from management. How likely would you be to give it your all everyday at work if you knew no one would ever check in on you? It’s only human nature to take the ‘easy road’ if its right in front of us. 
To avoid the ‘easy road’ make sure your family reminds one another of their expectations daily or weekly AND praise one another for a job well done! You catch a lot more flies with honey than you do vinegar!
Good Luck!

This game plan is a GREAT way to get you on the road to better communication and less fighting, 5 minutes at a time! We’d love to hear how this goes. Leave a comment below on your successes and challenges so we can encourage one another. Good luck & see you back  for the next post of ways to Improve Your Life, 5 Minutes At A Time!

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