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Saving on our Phone Bill

We’re currently working on tightening our belt (a.k.a. the family budget). We’re cutting costs in as many places as we can. Well, last night I was inspired by this post from Money Saving Mom. I’m so thankful for the inspiration because I ended up cutting our bill by almost $50 per month.
Here’s how I did it:

  • First I compared our last few monthly statements to see what kinds of charges we have. I realized I have an international calling plan to call our friends in Germany that is costing me $3.99 per month but I haven’t called them in months! (That was the first thing to go.)
  • Now that I had some information in hand I called my cell phone provider. They were able to tell me our average data use, etc. per month and it turns out we were paying for minutes and data that we NEVER use. (That was the second thing to go.) I also decided to drop insurance on my phone which may or may not be a good choice for all families but I’ve basically decided that when this phone ‘kicks the bucket’ I’ll be buying a used phone.
  • Viola! 20 minutes later I’m saving almost $50 per month on our family budget. The last change I’m still considering making is dropping my data package on my phone (my husband will keep his), but for now I haven’t made the switch.
How has your family saved on their phone bill? Does your family use smart phones or basic phones & how is it working for you?

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