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Saving My Family $54 a Year by Using Less Postage

We’re always looking for little ways to save and trim our family’s monthly budget. Sometimes the inspiration for a new way to save come in surprising forms – in this case it was while earning Swagbucks towards my first blog giveaway which I’m planning for January! (Hint, Hint)

Quick side note here: In case you’ve been living under a rock – Swagbucks is a GREAT way to earn FREE gift cards for your family just by doing the things you already do online (searching, shopping, watching videos, etc). In the last two months I’ve earned $10 in Amazon gift cards which I applied towards our Christmas shopping. My hope is that next year I’ll be able to purchase almost all of our presents for FREE this way. If you’re interested in giving it a try, click on this Swagbucks link!

Anyway, back to how I found to save a few more dollars on our monthly budget… POSTAGE. I was inspired by this video. Some of the key ideas included:

  • Use less mail by signing up for online banking & online bill pay
  • Instead of sending letters use pre-stamped postcards
  • Send via 3rd class mail instead of 1st
  • Take advantage of certified mail instead of registered
  • Fax documents rather than sending overnight whenever possible
These ideas got me thinking about how often I use stamps to mail bills and letters. I figure that on average I’m sending 8-10 envelopes per month. At 45 cents per envelope, I’m spending $4.50 per month. That’s $54 a year! I had no idea I was spending so much on postage on a regular basis. Just think what you could do with an extra $54 per year!
Does your family use online bill pay to save on postage? What tricks have worked best for you?

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