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Save Money at the Grocery Store Without Cutting Coupons

Saving money at the grocery store is one of the most influential steps I take to help my family’s budget each month. For me, cutting coupons is a big part of that, but I realize that cutting coupons doesn’t fit every families lifestyle, for that reason I present to you…

How to Save Money at the Grocery Store Without Cutting Coupons!
Using one or more of the following techniques will help cut your grocery budget EVERY month, guaranteed:
  • Expect ‘necessities’ like milk or eggs, ONLY buy items that are on sale at your local store each week. I prefer to look at my store ads online before going to the store but you can also pick up a copy of the store ad as you enter your local grocery.
  • Buy sale items in bulk. Most items have a cycle of sales. For example, you can always count on BBQ sauce being on sale in the summer time (Grilling Season) or soup to be on sale in the winter/fall (cold weather). Instead of risking having to pay full price when you need the item in the coming weeks or months, buy a few extra now.
  • Always buy meat in bulk then repackage before freezing. Bulk meat prices (especially when on sale) are always cheaper than regular meat prices. Once you get the meat home, repackage it into smaller portions to fit your family. Label each package with the date, then freeze.
  • Shop around for the cheapest price. As long as you won’t waste a ton of time or gas money to travel to a different store, it’s probably worth your while to visit multiple stores each week in order to buy the cheapest of the cheap products at each store.
  • Buy store brand when applicable. Unless you’re using coupons, store brand is usually the cheapest. Most of the time my husband doesn’t have any idea – I just don’t let him see the box while I’m cooking! 🙂
  • Check out your local club store or discount grocery. Stores like Sams Club, Aldi & Save-A-Lot can save you a lot of money on products as long as you shop around.
Personally, I guarantee these techniques will work to help save money, but if you decide to “get out of the box” and start using coupons, check out my Couponing Basics post to help get you started!
What techniques does your family use for cutting food cost?


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