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Green Onion “Stumps” + Bowl of Water = FREE Produce

Did you know you can re-grow Green Onions after you use them? I didn’t until recently when a friend of mine posted the idea on Pinterest. It sounded too good to be true – so I decided to give it a  try & sure enough… it works!!!

It’s only been 7 days since my husband used green onions to make his “famous” cracker & veggie dip but look at the regrowth we’ve gotten already. These “new” green onions will be ready to eat within the next 2 weeks!
The best part is – you can keep doing this over and over and you’ll continue to re-grow “new” green onions. But what if you don’t use green onions often enough? That’s o.k. too. You can put cut pieces of green onions into an empty water bottle and freeze until you use them!
How to Re-Grow Green Onions:
  1. Buy fresh green onions & wash
  2. Cut green onions in the white area above the roots creating a
  3. Use a rubber band to hold 3-6 separate “stumps” together in bunches
  4. Use a small dish to hold the bunches upright in enough water to cover all the roots
  5. If you wish, after the onions have started to regrow (2-4 days) you can replant in dirt but that isn’t required!
Does your family “re-use” green onions? What works best for you?

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