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DIY: Odds & Ends Wipes

I’ve been debating what to title this post for the last 20 minutes. There were just so many options:

  • Re-Purposing Old Sheets
  • Helping “Green Up” My Family
  • Dust Clothes & Baby Wipes
But in the end I settled on Odds & Ends Wipes because honestly, this project could go by all of these names and many more!
This project has been a long time in the making. One of our dogs doesn’t really understand that he’s a dog and feels the need to “nest” in our bed when we’re not home. By scratching the pulling our bedding he is able to make himself a comfortable place to snuggle in and sleep the day away. Unfortunately, in the process he has been known to rip our sheets with his nails. This has happened AT LEAST 8 times in the last 4 years! 🙁 At first I tried repairing the rips but we found that the stitches were really bothersome when sleeping. Next, I was just throwing them away. But that felt so wasteful, that I eventually just started throwing the sheets into a box in our closet with no real ‘reason’ in mind besides it felt less wasteful then throwing them away.
Well 4 years later and probably around $200 in bedding in the hole I FINALLY have a plan for the box of sheets…. odds & ends wipes! What a great way to save on paper towels in the family budget & be considerate of mother nature at the same time.
One king size fitted sheet, one pair of scissors & 20 minutes later I have 157 ‘hand-ish’ size (5″ x 7″) wipes to use for whatever job is needed at the moment. Even if a few end up in the trash from an extra messy clean up, or lost in the dryer, they’ll still last a long time. Best of all… they didn’t cost me a dime (well, not technically!) That’s budget savvy if I’ve ever heard of it!
Here’s my list of possibilities for my odds & ends wipes so far:
  • Wiping sticky fingers & faces after eating
  • Dusting furniture
  • Cleaning mirrors & windows
  • Wiping down appliances
  • A quick ‘once over on the counter tops’
How does your family dispose of old scraps of material that aren’t good enough to be donated? I’d love to hear your ideas. Please share in the comments below!

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