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To Do List: Make A Family Binder

I would really like to create a 3-Ring Binder of all of my family information! I’ve seen great examples on many blogs and would like to put all of those great ideas into action.

My Family Binder
I was excited to find this adorable binder at Target.
I’m quickly filling it up with all of our important notes!

So far these are the main categories for my family binder:

  1. Family Wish List – I’d like to compile a list of all of our dream items. For example, just this week my husband and I have been talking about how much we’d love new living room furniture. Now that would go directly into my family binder wish list!
  2. Monthly Budget Spreadsheet
  3. Daily/Weekly/Monthly Chore Lists – I love the FREE downloadable household management check lists created by Money Saving Mom.
  4. Receipt Envelope
  5. Appliance User Manuals, etc
  6. Emergency Information & Day Care Documents
  7. Family Goals – We have this month, this year & in the next 5 year goals that I would like to post in our binder.
  8. Car Records – A compilation of repairs done, repairs needed & oil change documents
  9. Menu Planning & Stock Pile Inventory
Do you use a family binder in your household? What categories do you find especially useful?
Our Family Wish List Pages
We have one page for each member of the family in addition
to this page for the family as a whole.
Our Family Goals Pages
We have one three categories on this page: goals for the next 6-12 months,
goals for the next 5 years & goals in a perfect world (seem unrealistic).
Emergency Information
Police, Poison Control, etc. Family Phone numbers & useful
information for babysitters.


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