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Save On Your Trash Bill by RECYCLING!

Not only is recycling “green” because it’s good for the environment, it also saves you “green” (cash that is). My family has been able to decrease our amount of trash going out the door drastically recently just by putting items into recycling bins instead of the trash.

There are quite a few items that my family was throwing out weekly that we now recycle:

  • Paper towel & toilet paper rolls
  • Empty butter & condiment containers
  • Empty beauty items bottles (ex. shampoo, lotion, etc)
  • Vegetable cans
  • Wine bottles
So here’s the big question… how does that save you cash? Well, if you produce less trash you’ll need less trash space which means you can downgrade your dumpster cart size. This saves our family about $24 per year! (Also, by promoting recycling you’re promoting local businesses to use recycled material which can save them money too.)

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