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Holiday Gifting On A Budget: Homemade & FREE!

The holiday season can be an expense that doesn’t fit into the budget of all families. Between the food, drinks, gifts, decorations & other odds and ends the price tag really can add up. Fortunately, there are some gifts you can give that won’t cost your family very much money!


  1. Sewing Projects – These are a great gift giving option for all ages. Even young children can start on sewing projects. I’ve seen wonderful examples of projects over the years including cooking aprons, grilling aprons, cleaning aprons, table runners, Christmas ornaments and much, much more. Check out your local arts & crafts store for more great ideas!
  2. Cookies or Brownies In A Jar – This is another homemade gift perfect for all ages. Layer all the dry ingredients of your favorite homemade brownies or cookies into a mason jar and tie the recipe/instructions for baking on the top. This ensures a delicious homemade treat year round!
  3. School Picture Ornaments – Grandparents LOVE handmade ornaments featuring their grand kids photos.
  4. Pinterest Projects – What would we do without pinterest!?!? Such a fantastic array of crafts & do it yourself projects. They even have a new “secret boards” option for the holiday season!
  1. Gift cards from Swagbucks – Earning points online is easy & doesn’t take much time out of my daily schedule. As those points add up you can redeem them for gift cards for coffee, shopping, dinner or general gift buying!
  2. Coupon Books – Great for small children, moms & husbands, coupon books allow the recipient to get little ‘favors’ from the gift giver whenever they’d like. Coupon ideas include: 15 minute back massage, do the dishes, rake the leaves, take over my chores for the day, etc. Be creative, the possibilities are endless. (This could also be a great option with your loved one at Valentine’s Day!) 🙂
  3. The Gift of Quality Time – The older I get, the more I appreciate special time with my loved ones. I would love to just spend a day with my mom without having anything else to do, I can’t think of a better present!
What great ideas do you have for homemade & free gift giving options???

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