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Cover your Windows & Doors before Winter

This is a series about about saving money while getting your family ready for the new season!

Day 4: Cover Your Windows & Doors
Remember when you were a kid and you mom demanded you wore a hat in the winter time to keep yourself warm? Well that idea applies to your house as well. Our windows & doors are a place where a HUGE amount of heat/energy is lost. Especially if you live in an older house that is lacking in insulation, you should consider looking into ways to help hold your heat in.

Shrink wrap for windows helps keep drafts down. Its worth putting in the extra time and money to have them look nice so make sure you plan ahead and devote a few hours for the whole process to get the best effects.

Also consider using ordinary blinds & curtains to hold in heat. Layering both blinds & curtains in addition to shrink wrap on your windows will make a huge difference.

Put a air block pillow at  the bottom of all exterior doors and consider putting shrink wrap on an exterior door that is rarely used.

Rooms without plumbing that you don’t use can also be ‘shut off’ from the rest of the house by closing the heat supply/vent and shutting and blocking the door. In the house I grew up in we would even put a blanket over the entrance to the upstairs and only use it on occasion during the cold months and it would make a big difference.

Lastly make sure windows and doors are locked & shut tight when not in use. I know that’s a ‘no brainer’ but you’d be amazed to see how much heat your house will lose if your door blows open and stays that way for longer than a few minutes.

Stay tuned for Day 5 where we talk about planning ahead and saving on winter maintenance.

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