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Sell & Buy at the Consignment Shop

In this series we’re looking at different ways to prepare your family & home for the new season while sticking to a budget! In our day 1 & day 2 post we looked at saving money through energy efficiency but today I’d like to look at a new area of savings…. your wardrobe!

Day 3: Hit the Consignment Shop
I love to change over my closet from warm summer wear to brisk fall sweaters. It feels like Christmas morning each and every time I open up that collection of clothing that I haven’t seen for many months! Undoubtedly though, there is always something that no longer fits in addition to trendy items you’d like to pick up to compliment what you already have. But this year challenge yourself to get the safe effect for less.
How to Sell Your Old Stuff For Cash to Buy the New Stuff:
  1. Check clothing you are selling for any “issues” (ex. stains, lose buttons, etc) and repair them.
  2. Give your clothes a pick me up by washing & ironing items.
  3. Clothes should be hung on matching hangers that are also neat & clean – nothing says “I’m not worth buying” like a cute sweater on an ugly hanger
  4. When you go into the consignment shop YOU should also be dressed well & look clean and put together – nobody wants to buy things that come from a “messy” home
  5. Depending on your consignment shop you’ll either walk out with cash in hand, store credit or a contract to be paid when you’re clothes sell
To make the best of both worlds, turn that money around right back into the consignment shop & you’ll save on your new purchases as well! 🙂 Happy Shopping!
How does your family save by reselling their gently used items? We’d love to hear from you!

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