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Change Your Settings with the New Season

The 1st of November is just days away. The leaves on the trees have changed color, the birds have flown south & the weather is getting cold. Its time to prepare for the winter season! In our house we look forward to winter and all the joys it brings but don’t necessarily look forward to all of the chores they require. In this series I’ll share some tried and true methods for preparing your house & family for the winter season on a budget!

Day 1: Change your Settings
For families like mine that are on a budget, the cost of heating a home can be quite scary but have no fear, this method will help keep your fingers from freezing and your wallets from draining.

Most people haven’t taken the time to program their thermostat recently but according to a quick search online families can save 5% – 15% per year on their heating bill just by setting a program in their thermostat and sticking to it. (Often keeping it a degree or two lower than they would prefer!)

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